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You will already have met the ski patrollers, ski lift operators, ski pass sales staff, snowpark shapers, piste groomers and maintenance technicians up in the mountains… But have you seen this “smiley” team on the slopes yet? 


Les 2 Alpes is a trailblazer for this kind of thing, and we have created a team to provide skiers and pedestrians with information and guidance. It’s composed of nine people employed by Les 2 Alpes’ ski lift company, either patrolling the ski area or in attendance at fixed locations (at 3,200m, at Le Jandri at 2,600m and at the top of Le Diable at 2400m).
You can’t miss them - they all wear the official ski lift uniform (orange and black), there are welcome tents and chalets and the signage is really clear, but the main thing you will notice is their ready smile and willingness to share loads of information with you! 


 Their names are Géraldine, Thomas, Karen, Olivier, Sylvie, Hélène, Sandrine, Virginie and, last but not least, Julie. They don’t have any specific training or a ski lift licence – just excellent people skills, a very friendly manner and first aid training. They are also multilingual, as 50% of our customers in Les 2 Alpes come from outside of France (English, Belgian, Dutch, Italian, Polish…)!

Their main role is to provide you with plenty of information on the ski conditions, weather, runs currently open, runs most suited to your level, ways to get back to the resort, mountain restaurants, emergency stations, toilets and picnic rooms etc. They are there to help if you are lost. They can also tell you what the rules for skiers are. If a ski lift or run is closed, they will guide skiers to other alternatives. 


They can assist with controlling the flow of skiers returning to the resort at the end of the day, and may be called on to close a run for the rare occasion when a PIDA (avalanche blasting) plan is implemented in the daytime. They are also there to protect the environment, issuing pocket ashtrays, and to hand out children’s pin badges (funny drawing of the slow zones)…


It’s a new role on the slopes, and they’re out in all weather and conditions. A special service for our customers to make them feel even more pampered and supported as skiers or pedestrians in Les 2 Alpes!

Copyright © Jean Paul Scotto and OT 2 Alpes.

Editor : Franca GRASSIA