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Community management, blog editor.

A big kid at heart, she’s interested in everything. She loves smiling, bursting out laughing and giggling no matter what: “of all the contagious conditions, laughter is the nicest”.
Addicted to the Internet, wherever she is, for (just about) everything…
A fan of Ninjutsu (no, it’s not only a comic book thing), don’t make the mistake of thinking girls can’t fight!
Want to make her happy? Tell her a story. Your story. She loves listening to them, reading them, watching them… and writing them too.

Why Les 2 Alpes? So she can gaze upon and breathe in the mountains, never tiring of them. And because that’s where she’s made some of unmentionable unforgettable memories, even if some are best kept under wraps "What happens in Les 2 Alpes, stays in Les 2 Alpes" ;)

A dream: SEVERAL dreams (loads)! Being able to teleport. Stowing away in Frédéric Lopez’s suitcase so she can be a fly on the wall for every every episode of "RDV En Terre Inconnue". Taking a round-the-world trip and going to a concert in every country...






AKA “Youki-pedia” … well, she did make her first foray into life at Les 2 Alpes Tourist Office back in June 1642 1990 … She is practically a walking encyclopaedia on all things 2 Alpes!
She loves travelling ALL OVER THE WORLD … loves contemplating ANY horizon, as long as there’s some warm sand and a beautiful beach in sight…but she’s always pleased to come back to her green hills (for a quick round of golf) and her white mountain tops (to get her skiing fix)!

Why Les 2 Alpes: “Why not? To be quite honest, it’s because I’m loyal to MY absolute favourite ski resort!”.