Try ski touring to get away from it all


Take it easy after all the hard work.

With ski touring, you’ll experience the tranquillity and natural beauty of the mountains during the physical exertion of your climb uphill, combined with the joy of a well-deserved ski or splitboarding descent back down.

100% care, 100% escape, 100% enjoyment!

Even if you are an experienced ski tourer, please still remember to read the advice and rules that you’ll find at the start of the trails.

Access conditions to the marked route on the Diable:
– Ski touring is forbidden between 4pm and 9am to allow the piste groomers to carry out their work undisturbed, and so as not to put yourself in danger of skiing onto the winch cable
– Access to the marked routes and downhill runs is strictly forbidden whilst preventative avalanche measures are being taken*

Mountain rescue: Dial 112


Consult the map of the ski touring route in the marked sector

Supervised sessions

for even greater safety

Many ski touring sessions are provided by Les 2 Alpes’ mountain professionals. You can go up at your own pace and ski back down to resort full pelt!
Enjoy a wonderful ski touring experience in good company and discover stunning scenery whilst burning off a few calories.

VENEZ DÉCOUVRIR Ép #2 : Ski touring
VENEZ DÉCOUVRIR Ép  #2 : Ski touring
VENEZ DÉCOUVRIR Ép #2 : Ski touring
  • Glacier - 3200m
  • Station 1650 - 1800m
Afternoon 13°