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It’s winter: to make the most of the fresh powder, you’ll probably need to travel by road at some point.
Winter equipment is compulsory from 1 November until 31 March. You must be equipped with either 4 snow tyres or 4 “4 season” tyres or have removable anti-skid devices such as chains or snow socks.

Traffic updates

Traffic delays, snow, road closures…

Check before you set out. Whilst they’re generally regularly cleared of snow, do be careful and check the road conditions on the Isère department official website before you set out. You’ll find all of the info regarding possible delays, traffic jams, road works…

Our advice about

Driving on snow

After you’ve checked the snow information and the road conditions provided by the resort, the next thing you need to do is to fit our your car with snow tyres and/or chains. It’s always a good idea to keep chains in the boot of your car, especially if there’s a lot of snow on the day you head home. In some areas it’s even compulsory, so get used to putting the chains on prior to your holiday! Make sure your windscreen wipers are in excellent condition, and top up with de-icer windscreen washer fluid.

Setting off on holiday

To make sure you don’t end up sliding around, drive as smoothly as you can.
Put your lights on low beam (front and rear foglights allowed when when snowing). Reduce your speed and keep your mind focused. If it’s hard to pull away in first gear, move straight into second to avoid skidding.
Avoid sudden movements and jolts. Use engine braking to brake!
Slow down gradually so that you don’t have to slam on the brakes, causing you to skid. Accelerate gently, especially on hills!
Increase your distance between other vehicles. Let gritters overtake you and drive behind them for improved grip.
And there you have it – now take care and see you on the slopes!

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