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Extreme thrills!


Modules, a great atmosphere, an idyllic setting: it’s the real deal!

Come and pull off tricks against an exceptional backdrop at one of France’s most beautiful high-altitude skateparks!
Skateboarding is THE hot discipline that’s attracting more and more participants every year and is set to make its debut in this summer’s Olympic Games.
How about you? Have you tried it yet?


Les 2 Alpes’ skatepark: a place to hang out that everybody loves!

The great sociable atmosphere and the fact that its riders respect and help each other [and most importantly help younger and less experienced riders] make this a truly unmissable place to visit. There’s a warm, welcoming vibe, which draws in families who often bring a picnic so they can watch the riders do their tricks.

Set at the foot of the slopes, Les 2 Alpes skatepark is run by the DSK 2 Alpes Skate Krew association which now numbers around twenty local members.
It’s open to the many holidaymakers who like to skateboard, though of course young children remain the responsibility of parents.
You can choose between skateboarding, rollerblading or scootering.
You are strongly advised to wear protective gear and a helmet.


 Different modules to try out…

You can have fun on a full run or practice on one of 3 levels [or zones for beginners…].

a beginner/intermediate space
with a rail, curbs and a manual pad.

an intermediate / advanced area
with a central module called the Chinese hat, a rail and an uphill and downhill ledge, and a slope with a curb to launch yourself onto the 3rd level.

– an advanced / pro area
with a ledge, a downhill rail that’s more elevated than the first 2: higher, steeper, more challenging.

 – a bowl
accessible to all abilities, somewhere everybody can come and have fun.

We tell you everything there is to know...

Do you speak skateboarding?

  • Tricks: Moves
  • Stance: Position on the board, with the naturally dominant leg placed at the back of the board
  • Goofy: Describes a rider with their left leg at the back of the board
  • Regular: Describes a rider with their right leg at the back of the board
  • Switch: Riding or doing a trick by swapping your stance on the board
  • Slide: A trick where you slide along on the board surface (on the edge or the middle of the deck)
  • Grind: A trick where you scrape one or both trucks along a surface
  • Trucks: The metal part connecting the deck to the wheels.
  • Grab: An aerial trick where you grab part of the board in one hand.
  • Flip: A trick that consists of flipping the board over then landing back on top. There are a huge number of variants.
  • Gap: A trick that consists of jumping over an obstacle (step, rail, table etc…)
  • Module: An obstacle created for skateboarding tricks. A skatepark is a collection of modules collected in one zone.
  • Rail: A metal module for carrying out slides and grinds.
  • Table: A module that integrates a huge range of moves (slides, grinds, flips, gaps etc…)
The biggest skateboarding event of the summer!

King of the Plaza

20 & 21 July 2024

Make some noise… Planet skateboard is about to put on a show: a great atmosphere and an amazing spectacle guaranteed!
The concept is very simple, each rider is judged by 4 judges on 2 one and a half minute runs.
Their total points for both runs are added together for a final ranking with a huge cash prize into the bargain, and plenty of prizes for everyone!
See all the info you need to sign up for this competition… coming soon.

  • Glacier - 3200m
  • Toura-fee-bellecombe - 2600m
  • Les crêtes - 2100m
  • Station 1650 - 1650m
Morning -3°
Depth 395 cm
Snow quality Soft
Avalanche risk
Morning --°
Afternoon --°
Depth 0 cm
Snow quality
Avalanche risk
Morning --°
Afternoon --°
Depth 0 cm
Snow quality
Avalanche risk
Afternoon 18°
Depth 0 cm
Snow quality
Avalanche risk
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