2 Alpes Bike Park ™ is the official name given to the whole Les 2 Alpes MTB area. Renowned throughout Europe, Les 2 Alpes Bike Park is home to Riding and downhill MTB enthusiasts of all ages and from all walks of life. Re (discover) this unique playground, made all the more impressive thanks to impressive, precipitous mountains boasting a vertical drop…have a blast!


Mountain bike opening on the weekends of 1 & 2 June and 8 & 9 June 2024.
All the Bikepark runs open from 15 June to 1 September 2024.

From 8 July 2024, renovation work on the Jandri Express will mean that it will no longer be possible to up to 3200m, but other magical experiences await you to end the summer of 2024 on a high note!

A MTB area just for you…

Extreme thrills!
2 Alpes Bike Park™ offers you a high-reaching world of ride accessible to all between altitudes of 2,400 metres and 900 metres, as well as a downhill run with a vertical drop! Make the most of its 103 km of marked trails for all levels and its 4 ski lifts open all summer.

Each to their own level, each to their own style!
Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, you’ll love the smooth, wide tracks that are a pleasure to ride over, fast, high-altitude downhill trails, technical single tracked enduro-type routes and fun modules for all levels.


“The objectives are to improve the existing facilities, to make the slopes pleasant to ride but also easier to maintain. Following multiple audits, customer feedback, the opinions of local professionals but also external experts such as Adrien Loron, the new mountain bike ambassador for Les 2 Alpes, the ski lift company is committed to renewing the Bike Park in Les 2 Alpes. A lot of financial and human resources are and will be employed!”

The bulk of the work will take place at the end of summer 2024, due to the construction of the Jandri 3S (the main artery of Les 2 Alpes providing access to 3200 m). However, the Bike Park team will be hard at work from this summer onwards, creating new features, improving safety and enhancing the overall comfort.

→ The end of the Ange green trail is being improved for greater comfort and safety. The original width of the run has been tripled. A great downhill run for intermediate riders.

→ The iconic Venosc (red) and Black Garden (elite) trails were reworked last autumn for their pre-opening on the 6th of April.

→ The Easy Park beginner area has relocated to a new site. It is now situated on the Diable side of the Viking piste. This move represents a strategic decision and offers a more fitting location for those learning downhill mountain biking.

→ The blue trail: Pied-Moutet (Vallée Blanche sector), developed in 2023, has been completed for greater safety. The goal is to ensure accessibility to a wide range of riders, mirroring the accessibility of other trails in the Vallée Blanche sector. This expansion aims to enrich the mountain biking experience for enthusiasts.

→ The beginners’ workshop in the Vallée Blanche sector has been doubled in size to offer more tailored downhill mountain biking instruction. Mountain bike instructors and Bike Park teams regularly collaborate to enhance and refine the mountain biking services.

→ A unique, Instagrammable competition module: supported by Commencal’s top pros, the bike patrols have a big surprise in store for mountain bike amateurs and experts alike. Set up at 2400m, at the top of the Diable sector, the wooden module will be shaped like a deckchair on which you can either drop or ride.

2 Alpes Bike Park™

Discover all the mountain bike trails
Enjoyment for everyone

Sectors and piste map

Did you know?

The Bike Park in numbers

Our team comprises 8 shapers and bike patrollers who are responsible for daily maintenance and safety of Les 2 Alpes Bike Park™ to ensure you have plenty of fun.

1 500 m vertical drop,
11 145 m of cumulative vertical drop between 2,400 metres and 900 metres
1390 m of positive vertical drop in total
103 km of route
4 lifts including 2 new Telemix
21 tracks : [4 green, 6 blues, 7 reds, 2 blacks and 2 élite trail] including 15 downhill trails
2 enduro itineraries
4 E-bike itinerairies: 1 green, 2 blues, 1 red
1 dedicated beginners area on Vallée Blanche
1 Easy to Ride zone


Buy your MTB pass

One day29.50 € Adult

[On the entire 2 Alpes bike park™]

Adult23.00 €4HR PASS

[MTB 4-hour great deal]

Adult116.00 €6 DAYS OR MORE

[Summer season from 15 June 2024].



Be an exemplary mountain biker and follow the top tips and code of conduct provided by Les 2 Alpes’ bike patrollers!

Think eco-responsibly
  • Respect nature and the environment
  • Don’t leave any waste behind
Respect those around you
  • Make others aware you are there before overtaking
  • The rider in front always takes priority over the one behind
  • Do not stop on the route, get off the track or use the rest areas designed for that purpose
Respect the signage and markings
  • Do not go off the marked itineraries
  • Avoid skidding
  • Do not cut corners
Alert mountain rescue services

5 things to do in the event of an accident
1. Make the area safe
2. Get information about the injured party
3. Locate the scene of the accident (name of the trail, itinerary, distinguishing features, marker number on downhill trails….), then plot your position on the map using your X and Y coordinates.
4. Warn the operating staff or call 112 from your mobile phone
5. Stay with the injured party until the rescue services arrive

Safety first
  • Face masks must be worn on all ski lifts
  • Full-face helmets must be worn for downhill mountain biking
  • It is strongly advised to wear knee pads, elbow pads, long gloves and a back protector
  • It is strongly advised to use a mountain bike that is in good condition and adapted to the discipline
Take care
  • On your first MTB descent, adapt your speed to get a feel for the route and keep an eye out for any technical sections
  • Go over each technical section on foot before riding over them on your bike
  • Adapt your speed to your level when you come to an obstacle or module
  • Don’t attempt any reckless tricks
  • Slow down if there are other riders around, or if you have reduced visibility of the terrain
Loyalty + Trust = PARTNER


The resort of Les 2 Alpes is extremely proud of this partnership: THANK YOU!

  • Glacier - 3200m
  • Toura-fee-bellecombe - 2600m
  • Les crêtes - 2100m
  • Station 1650 - 1650m
Morning -6°
Afternoon -4°
Depth 340 cm
Snow quality Fresh
Avalanche risk
2/5 Limite
Morning --°
Afternoon --°
Depth 0 cm
Snow quality
Avalanche risk
Morning --°
Afternoon --°
Depth 0 cm
Snow quality
Avalanche risk
Depth 0 cm
Snow quality
Avalanche risk
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