Les 2 Alpes’ most beautiful viewpointsThe top 5!


The resort of Les 2 Alpes offers a huge range of landscapes!
From stunning high-altitude viewpoints to vistas seen from the resort and Écrins National Park…
Accessible to everyone, on foot, by car or even in a gondola lift.
Let us guide you to some exceptional viewpoints!

Climb to a glacier at an altitude of 3,400 metres

#1 Belvédère des Écrins

Skiers and pedestrians can reach Les 2 Alpes’ glacier in just 30 minutes using the Jandri Express gondola lift. At the top of the funicular, at an altitude of 3,400 metres, the Belvédère des Écrins is a suspended walkway offering 360° views over the Écrins massif.
At an altitude of 3,200 metres, visit the ice cave and discover sculptures crafted by high-mountain guides, beneath 30 metres of thousand-year-old ice.



Enjoy panoramic views and take a seat on the Refuge des Glaciers terrace for a drink or a bite to eat.

Le Diable Sector – 2,400 metres

#2 View over the Vénéon Valley

Le Diable is an unmissable sector in Les 2 Alpes Bike Park, offering breathtaking views over the Vénéon Valley.
Pedestrians and mountain bikers can take Le Diable chair lift up to an altitude of 2,400 metres.
Experienced hikers may prefer to tackle the 800-metre vertical climb on foot.



Take out your cameras…

You can admire and immortalise the breathtaking view of the whole resort of Les 2 Alpes!


After the exertion comes the reward at Le Diable au Cœur, a certified ‘Maitre Restaurateur’, restaurant offering gourmet cuisine.

Vallée Blanche Sector

#3 360° views over the Bourg d'Oisans plane

The Vallée Blanche, a legendary spot for those in the know.




A more accessible sector for mountain biking beginners.
Hikers can stroll along a wide range of varied landscapes; wooded paths leading to La Mollière Communal Farm, balcony trails offering impressive views over the resort… And at the summit, a 360° view over Bourg d’Oisans and the valley below.

At the start of summer, happy little marmots bask in the sunshine and enjoy their new-found freedom!

#4 Alpe de Venosc wooden cross

Down a little lane, behind the Chalet Mounier hotel, enjoy a stunning panoramic view overlooking La Muzelle. Identify the Vénéon Valley’s legendary summits using the orientation table.

Just a few minutes away by gondola lift, set off to discover the village of Venosc, a traditional village with cobbled streets.


From Mont-de-Lans

#5 Gaze over Lac du Chambon

Setting off from Mont de Lans village, climb the Chemin des Serts to admire the entire Haute Romanche valley. From the orientation table, you’ll be able to see the Pic de la Meije (3,982 m) and gaze over Lac du Chambon.
You can reach Mont de Lans by car, chair lift or even on foot… Take the opportunity to visit the Museum of Arts and Traditions and stop off at the Chasal Lento café, to discover how the locals lived through the centuries.


  • Glacier - 3200m
  • Station 1650 - 1800m
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